How do I update my e-mail preferences?
Written by Alan Fahrner

When you first created an account on our web site, you were asked if you wanted to receive certain e-mails.  If you would like to change any of those choices, please first login via this URL:

That will bring you to this page:

Login page

 Log in via the large login area in the middle/right (not the smaller login box on the left).  That will bring you to this page:

Edit profile tab

Then choose "Edit" followed by "Update Your Profile."  You will then see:

Contact details

Choose the "Contact Prefs" tab to get to the e-mail preferences:

E-mail preferences

On that final page, please change your settings as needed and then choose "Update."  You'll be all set.  (If you do want to receive any e-mails, please be sure to include "E-mail" in "Okay Contact Methods.")

(If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us.)