What browsers do you support?

Our website supports the following browsers. 
IE 7
Firefox (Windows & Mac)
Safari (Windows & Mac)

Using an older version may cause some pages to display incorrectly or to not load completely. It is important to keep up with newer versions of each browser as they are released because they fix flaws and security issues in previous versions.  If you do not have the latest version of these browsers please follow the links above and visit the websites to download them (with Safari on a Mac please use "Software Update" in the apple menu). 

Our website is also optimized for a display width of 1024, which means that the page is 1,024 pixels across.  (A pixel is a small square of light that makes up a computer monitor).  To see if your monitor is large enough (in Windows) simply right click on the desktop and select Properties.  Go to the "Settings" tab and you will see a portion called "Resolution" with a sliding arrow that you can move from "less" to "more."  This tells you how many pixels your monitor is displaying and how many it can display.  Drag the arrow until you see 1024 (or above) and you are now optimized to see our website at its finest.