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Good News!! Pine Knoll joy and update Print
Written by Alan Fahrner

September 15, 2020

Pine Knoll Community,

Thinking of our Pine Knoll family and sending love and prayers.

Although in this covid emergency regular meetings in person are not possible, the work has continued, and we have good news.

The long awaited book, Graham Maxwell’s Conversations About God, arrives tomorrow from the press via an 18- wheeler truck with 19 pallets of good news.  The hardcover, 496-page book format of Graham Maxwell and Lou Venden’s 1984 audio series in the University Church, includes the Bible reference sheets and is printed in full color with nature scenes in each of the 20 chapters.  Jon Paulien has outdone even his own highly respected skills as editor, bringing the audio to book format.  We think you will be as thrilled as we are!
If you live locally, call and come by to pick up your gift copy;or if you live at a distance, send us your address and phone number for a mailed copy.

Jon Paulien’s new audio series, The God of the Bible, continues, recently having finished recording a background biblical study related to chapter 4 of the Conversations About God book.  This new audio series will be ongoing, and through class # 7 in the series is already available on pineknoll.org

Alan, pineknoll.org webmaster, has uploaded the new fourth quarter Sabbath School series on Education. Here’s the direct link:  http://pkp.cc/20204

Wishing each of you a beautiful September and coming Autumn.  May your days be safe and well, and God’s arms around you, with His own kinds of joy and guidance infusing these unusual times.
Cherie and your Pine Knoll team
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