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Written by No editor Fahrner

Welcome to our "New Resources" page, where you can always find our most recent new series and, sometimes, old favorites newly digitized. If you cannot locate what you are looking for here, please visit our All Audio Resources page.

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If you are using Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) and do not see talks listed on this page (intead getting a "Loading" message that does not disappear), please put your browser in "Compatibility View" mode. We have had reports of Internet Explorer breaking the method we use to dynamically list resources, and this has resolved it.

Please note: To select a specific talk, please click on its row in the table on the left. It will change the active links above to those for the resource you are interested in.

To play right now in your browser, press the play button on the Flash player directly below the links (requires you have Adobe Flash installed).

To download, just left-click on the file size in the "Download" column (do not right-click for a menu with "Save target as" or the equivalent). Left-clicking should automatically start the download.

To stream, click on "Streamed" (requires RealPlayer or VLC be installed and your browser to be configured to "hand it" to RealPlayer or VLC).

Using a mobile device? Click/touch the file size to in the "Download" column to download if the other options do not work for you. What is possible is device dependent.

Questions? Please contact us.

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Written by Alan Fahrner

Pine Knoll Web Mart 

Thanks for shopping at the Pine Knoll Web Mart.

By using this feature of our web site, you are agreeing to these Terms of Service.

You agree to pay for your purchase.  All sales are final.  However, we will replace any defective merchandise, shipping the replacement to you at our expense.

We reserve the right to change these Terms of Service by placing notice on this page.

If you have any questions about our Web Mart Terms of Service, please contact us

Pine Knoll Web Mart Print
Written by Alan Fahrner

Pine Knoll Web Mart

Welcome to the Pine Knoll Web Mart.  To use our Web Mart you must first have a free Pine Knoll login.  Once you have that and log in, you will see a "Web Mart" area on the left that will allow you to browse through various categories and select products.

The Pine Knoll Web Mart is a work-in-progress.  We are using a new e-commerce software which will require significant tweaking, and we will be adding more-and-more products as time goes on.

Using our Web Mart requires you agree to the Web Mart Terms of Service during the purchase process.


You will get an order confirmation of the status "Pending" when you go to pay for it.  Until you receive one that has "Confirmed" as the status your order is not complete.

How do I register for a free Pine Knoll login?

Please visit our FAQ that answers this.

Why is PayPal the only payment method?

PayPal is a convenient service that allows us to accept multiple payment types (not just credit cards).  Additionally, since PayPal is a leading industry provider of payment services, you can be confident that they will handle your sensitive payment information securely.  We (Pine Knoll Publications) never have to store credit card or banking information.

If you are a church or organization that would like to order on-line, but arrange payment off-line, please contact us with the request, your Pine Knoll login name, and information about why you would like this option.  If approved, we will enable the "purchase order" payment type for your account.  Please note: this is not a credit option--as soon as you place your order your payment becomes due unless you have coordinated otherwise with Pine Knoll Publications.

Once I've gone to PayPal, can I choose not to complete my order?

Yes.  As noted above, until you get an e-mail saying your order is confirmed, you have not completed your purchase.  On PayPal you have the option to cancel...in which case the only e-mail you will receive is a "pending" one.

Thank you

Thank you for using our Web Mart.  We appreciate you helping us get the good news about God to the world. 

Pine Knoll Publications
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The Picture of God in All 66
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Paul Jacobson facilitates another journey through all 66 asking of every book, "What does this tell us about God?"