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Based on some common questions we get about the Pine Knoll Publications web site.
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Video FAQ Print
Written by No editor Fahrner

Since our web support for video is new, so is this FAQ. :-)

Why does the video take so long to start? Why does the video stop and start? Video files are very large--so (even compressed for the web) to watch them it requires receiving a lot of data. Depending on your Internet connection it make take a while before your browser has enough to start playing the video, or it may have to stop now-and-then as it has to get more data. If you frequently run into these problems, you may want to download the video (please see the directions below). You will need a broadband (high speed) Internet connection to realistically watch videos.

How do I skip forward in the video? Vimeo's embedded Flash player does not allow you to skip forward. However, directly under each embedded player is a link with the title of the video (it brings you to its spot on the Vimeo site). To make it so you can skip forward:

  1. Click on that link.
  2. Near the right bottom of the video's description look for a "Switch to HTML5 player" link. If it is there, click on it. If it instead says, "Switch to Flash player," then you can skip this step.
  3. Press the play button on the video player.
  4. Wait for the video to start.
  5. After the video begins you can touch the progress bar at any point on it to skip that far. You can also drag the time bubble that tracks where the video is...but I (the Webmaster) had more luck with the former. (If you don't see the controls, put your mouse pointer over the video window to make them pop-up.)

How do I download a video? As mentioned above, under the embedded player is a link with the name of the video. Click on that link to go to that video's Vimeo page. On that page is a section labeled "About this video." Within that area is a "Download this video" link. Warning: videos are very large...they will take a long time to download.

My computer or portable device doesn't support Flash. How do I watch your videos? Use the directions above to go to the Vimeo site (or you can use the link titled "video on Vimeo site") and switch to the HTML5 player. Additionally, Vimeo will continue to support more-and-more portable devices directly.

Why aren't these videos on YouTube? YouTube limits videos to 10 minutes or less. We'll probably stick intros on YouTube in the future, but our videos (for now) are all at least in the neighborhood of 30 minutes.

Why not blip.tv or other video services?In the future we may additionally place these videos elsewhere, but Vimeo has the best combination of quality, service, and distribution control. We are in the early stages of providing videos, but Vimeo seemed the best service to start with.

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How do I use the Pine Knoll Forums? Print
Written by Alan Fahrner
Sorry...for now this is a placeholder page...more to come.
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What browsers do you support? Print
Written by Sierra Chinn

Our website supports the following browsers. 
IE 7
Firefox (Windows & Mac)
Safari (Windows & Mac)

Using an older version may cause some pages to display incorrectly or to not load completely. It is important to keep up with newer versions of each browser as they are released because they fix flaws and security issues in previous versions.  If you do not have the latest version of these browsers please follow the links above and visit the websites to download them (with Safari on a Mac please use "Software Update" in the apple menu). 

Our website is also optimized for a display width of 1024, which means that the page is 1,024 pixels across.  (A pixel is a small square of light that makes up a computer monitor).  To see if your monitor is large enough (in Windows) simply right click on the desktop and select Properties.  Go to the "Settings" tab and you will see a portion called "Resolution" with a sliding arrow that you can move from "less" to "more."  This tells you how many pixels your monitor is displaying and how many it can display.  Drag the arrow until you see 1024 (or above) and you are now optimized to see our website at its finest.

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How do I listen to the Sabbath School lessons? Print
Written by Sierra Chinn

How to Listen to the Sabbath School Lessons Online

1. First open your browser and type in: http://www.sabbathschoolstudy.org/

2. Click on the lower left picture with the caption: This week's study

3. On this page decide which download format is best for you under Audio Downloads.  
RealMedia refers to the type of file, and will work only if you have RealPlayer downloaded and installed on your computer.

High-Bandwidth MP3 is a high quality file that will work best if you have a high speed internet connection. (Not good for dial-up.)

is the format that is recorded for Apple's iTunes player and will work if you have iTunes on your computer. (It will show up as an audio book.)
Windows Media will play on Windows Media Player which you should already have installed if you're running Windows.
Low-Bandwidth Windows Media is best if you are running Windows and have only a dial up connection to the Internet.  The quality will be poor since the file has been compressed for easy downloading with a slow connection.
Clicking on the link that is best for your computer and internet connection will open it in the file format's player and you should be able to listen to the study as soon as it loads.  If you'd like to save this study simply right click on the link, click Save Link As and save the file to your desktop or selected folder.  Now the file is in your computer for you to listen to as many times as you'd like.  Generally this is not that important as you can also search the websites database of lessons back to 2000 by clicking on the left hand link that says By Date under Studies.

On this page under Supplemental Materials you can also view the study sheets.  Click on the link, in this case, Study 6.  Most browsers will now open PDF's automatically and you can view the document just by clicking.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, it should automatically prompt you to download this.  If you want to save the study sheets, simply right click on the link, click Save Link As and a dialogue box will pop up prompting you to save the PDF document to your desktop.

How to Use an MP3

There are several ways you can use an MP3 file. 
1. The simplest way is to simply listen to this file on your computer through a media player, such as Windows Media Player (if you have a PC) or iTunes (if you are using a Mac, a free download for both PC and MAC at www.apple.com/itunes).
2. If you have an MP3 player, such as an iPod, you can upload this file to your player to listen on the go.
3. If you don't have an MP3 player you can burn (the word we use to refer to the laser burning process) a CD with the file on it.  First you will need to determine if the CD player you want to use can play MP3's. 
An MP3 is a compressed file, so it won't work in a CD player that is not designed to read these bits of information.  Most newer CD players have this capability.  If you have a CD player in a fairly new car, look for a symbol on the front that says MP3, or look in your owner's manual. 
If you are able to play this format, simply make a CD with the MP3 file as is.
How to Use a PDF file
PDF stands for Portable Document File and it is useful because it retains the formatting of the document much like an image and is smaller than a formatted text document such as a Word document.  To use this file format you will need to have the PDF Acrobat Reader downloaded on your computer.  To do this simply go to: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html where you can get the reader that will automatically open your PDF documents.  Once you have installed this program open the DVD from Pine Knoll on your computer.  On a PC simply go to My Computer and when the window pops up double-click on the drive you inserted the DVD into.  This will open the disc.  You should see several files there, including the quarter's Sabbath School lessons and the Study Sheets which should open automatically after you have installed the reader.
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How do I update my e-mail preferences? Print
Written by Alan Fahrner

When you first created an account on our web site, you were asked if you wanted to receive certain e-mails.  If you would like to change any of those choices, please first login via this URL:


That will bring you to this page:

Login page

 Log in via the large login area in the middle/right (not the smaller login box on the left).  That will bring you to this page:

Edit profile tab

Then choose "Edit" followed by "Update Your Profile."  You will then see:

Contact details

Choose the "Contact Prefs" tab to get to the e-mail preferences:

E-mail preferences

On that final page, please change your settings as needed and then choose "Update."  You'll be all set.  (If you do want to receive any e-mails, please be sure to include "E-mail" in "Okay Contact Methods.")

(If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us.)

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