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Amos: Seek Me and Live
Seventh-day Adventist Adult Sabbath School Lesson
Fourth Quarter, 2001

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Lesson #13 for 29 December, 2001
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Vision Five—No Escape for the Lost
Lesson #12 for 22 December, 2001
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Vision Four—Summer Fruit
Lesson #11 for 15 December, 2001
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Vision Three—The Plumb Line
Lesson #10 for 08 December, 2001
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Vision Two—Judgment by Fire
Lesson #9 for 01 December, 2001
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Vision One—Locusts and Prayer
Lesson #8 for 24 November, 2001
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"At Ease in Zion"
Lesson #7 for 17 November, 2001
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Pass Over or Pass Through?
Lesson #6 for 10 November, 2001
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Seek the Lord
Lesson #5 for 03 November, 2001
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Prepare to Meet Thy God
Lesson #4 for 27 October, 2001
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"Hear This Word"
Lesson #3 for 20 October, 2001
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Sins of the Neighbors
Lesson #2 for 13 October, 2001
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The Non-Prophet Prophet
Lesson #1 for 6 October, 2001
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Lisa Beardsley, Graham Maxwell, Audrey  Zinke
Janini and Antonia Carneiro, Margaret Carneiro, Kaya Chong
Deane Spaulding speaking
Shiree Ocker, Dave Thompson, Larry Powell, Roger Janiak, Caleb Austin
The Weiss Family, Vivian Clark and Eli Ghelfi
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The Picture of God in All 66
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Paul Jacobson facilitates another journey through all 66 asking of every book, "What does this tell us about God?"