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Amos: Seek Me and Live
Seventh-day Adventist Adult Sabbath School Lesson
Fourth Quarter, 2001

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Lesson #13 for 29 December, 2001
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Vision Five—No Escape for the Lost
Lesson #12 for 22 December, 2001
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Vision Four—Summer Fruit
Lesson #11 for 15 December, 2001
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Vision Three—The Plumb Line
Lesson #10 for 08 December, 2001
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Vision Two—Judgment by Fire
Lesson #9 for 01 December, 2001
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Vision One—Locusts and Prayer
Lesson #8 for 24 November, 2001
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"At Ease in Zion"
Lesson #7 for 17 November, 2001
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Pass Over or Pass Through?
Lesson #6 for 10 November, 2001
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Seek the Lord
Lesson #5 for 03 November, 2001
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Prepare to Meet Thy God
Lesson #4 for 27 October, 2001
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"Hear This Word"
Lesson #3 for 20 October, 2001
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Sins of the Neighbors
Lesson #2 for 13 October, 2001
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The Non-Prophet Prophet
Lesson #1 for 6 October, 2001
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Anthony Mohr, Joan Gordon-Macintosh
Joseph Tang
Ben and Elizabeth
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