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Bible Biographies
Seventh-day Adventist Adult Sabbath School Lesson
Second Quarter, 2001

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Tiny Sins, Huge Results
Lesson #13 for 30 June, 2001
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Women in Scriptures
Lesson #12 for 23 June, 2001
Giants of Faith
Lesson #11 for 16 June, 2001
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Martyrs and Their Murderers
Lesson #10 for 09 June, 2001
Powerful Pray-ers
Lesson #9 for 02 June, 2001
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The Personal Factor
Lesson #8 for 26 May, 2001
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Children Showcased
Lesson #7 for 19 May, 2001
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Sibling Rivalry
Lesson #6 for 12 May, 2001
Joseph: From Pit to Palace
Lesson #5 for 05 May, 2001
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Wives as Advisors
Lesson #4 for 28 April, 2001
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Grace Under Pressure--Noah and Job
Lesson #3 for 21 April, 2001
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The Betrayers--Peter and Judas
Lesson #2 for 14 April, 2001
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Christ and Satan: Contenders for Control
Lesson #1 for 07 April, 2001
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Graham Maxwell, Daniel, Roman, and Marek Duda
Roger Kopitzke
Hoda, Marie, Joel
Kate, Anja
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