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Proverbs: Wisdom to Live By
Seventh-day Adventist Adult Sabbath School Lesson
Fourth Quarter, 2000

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To Make a Disciple
Lesson #13 for 30 November, 2000
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Drink From Your Own Spring
Lesson #12 for 23 November, 2000
A Friend for All Seasons
Lesson #11 for 16 December, 2000
Like Father, Like Son
Lesson #10 for 09 December, 2000
"What Hath God Wrought!"
Lesson #9 for 02 December, 2000
Apples of Gold
Lesson #8 for 25 November, 2000
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As the Needle to the Pole
Lesson #7 for 18 November, 2000
Live Within Your Means
Lesson #6 for 11 November, 2000
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Your Choices Determine Your Destiny
Lesson #5 for 04 November, 2000
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An Ounce of Prevention
Lesson #4 for 28 October, 2000
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What I am Versus What You Think I Am
Lesson #3 for 21 October, 2000
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A Star to Guide the Humble
Lesson #2 for 14 October, 2000
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First Things First
Lesson #1 for 07 October, 2000
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