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Witnessing: Turning the World Upside Down
Seventh-day Adventist Adult Sabbath School Lesson
Third Quarter, 2000

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The Results of Witnessing
Lesson #14 for 30 September, 2000
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Postwitnessing Activities
Lesson #13 for 23 September, 2000
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Errors and Setbacks in Witnessing
Lesson #12 for 16 September, 2000
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Places and Occasions for Witnessing
Lesson #11 for 09 September, 2000
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Structures for Witnessing
Lesson #10 for 02 September, 2000
Being Fixed  
Church Life and Witnessing
Lesson #9 for 26 August, 2000
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Approaches to Witnessing
Lesson #8 for 19 August, 2000
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The Tools for Witnessing
Lesson #7 for 12 August, 2000
Models for Witnessing
Lesson #6 for 05 August, 2000
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The Action Words of Witnessing
Lesson #5 for 29 July, 2000
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The Recipients of Witnessing
Lesson #4 for 22 July, 2000
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Participants in Witnessing
Lesson #3 for 15 July, 2000
The Power and Joy of Witnessing
Lesson #2 for 08 July, 2000
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Witnessing: A Christian Fundamental
Lesson #1 for 01 July, 2000
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