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My favorite quote, and I use it often is “the fallacy of the presumed premise”.  Graham was always available to talk about God and was very helpful in leading you into the answer instead of giving you the answer.  My job kept me on the road and while I was driving over the Los Angeles freeways we had many a very long conversation.

In the 1980’s I purchased a set of the tapes where Graham went through “all 66” for my father who had been away from the church for about 30 years.  One afternoon my dad said “that if he had of had that picture of God 30 years earlier, what a difference it would have made in his life”.

I shed a tear (or more) this morning when I read about Graham.

Graham truly was “a friend of God”, he will be missed but now he is “one of the lads”!

Thank you for all you have done to keep his picture of God alive!

Larry M. Powell

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Graham leads a book by book study through the entire Bible, asking of every story, teaching, and event, "What does this reveal to us about God?"