His work will never be finished until...

I cannot be sad that Graham Maxwell went to his rest. Of course we would have wanted to have kept him around forever but i think his work was done. In another sense his work will never be finished until in our individual lives we humbly accept the exciting challenge of being God's friend. Not only that but share this profound understanding of God's will.

I am happy to have found your site and your group and then to have found Graham's sermons. They are on my mp3 on my computer and often i just listen online as i scrabble away on facebook.

I still need legal measures but at least i understand where i am. My prayer is that when i meet him in the new earth i can personally thank him for reviving my understanding of "God said it and I believe it". As a caribbean  person it is hard to talk back to God(we have such a strong sense of respect for authority..it seems to be inbuilt)but things are different now.

May God bless you at pineknoll as you take his legacy forward....i cannot thank you all enough ..

Jean Brice