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Dear Pineknoll, or whoever this will reach,

I just wanted to say something about Graham Maxwell. I wish I could've told him in person, if he was still alive and fresh I would have done anything to be his disciple.

He was truly an eye opener to me. The way he pictured God is indescribable. He made me love the writings of Paul, EGW and the Sabbath which all had such an arbitrary ring to it previously. I listened to his God in all 66 in 2008 and it truly changed my life. I feel much like that woman Graham often talks about who 'loved God all her life' but now like him as well :)

I pray that I may follow in his footsteps, and also be a representative of the picture of God in the setting of the great controversy.  I also want to thank for the inspiring work of Richard Nies that is posted on pineknoll.org. Thank you people for making sense of this thing called Christianity ;)

it is now not only the truth and you have to believe it because it is the truth, but it is truly the greatest way to walk this life.

Sincerest greetings

Christian Karlsson from Sweden.

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Graham leads a book by book study through the entire Bible, asking of every story, teaching, and event, "What does this reveal to us about God?"