Let's continue where Graham has finished...

It is difficult to swallow the news and even digest it that our dearly beloved friend, teacher and mentor has passed on. Despite that fact that I am cognizance of the first death and what it represents there is still a feeling of sadness and regrets. I did not know that he was ill, I know that he was away taking care of his wife who was not well. So this news was a little shocking to me. Let's continue where Graham has finished to promulgate the picture of God that is in sync with the biblical records that God is not the type of person the enemies have made Him out to be vengeful, unforgiving, severe etc but all together powerful but equally gracious and values nothing higher than our freedom etc... May I express my sincere condolences to the family members all around.

Mourning his passing and giving God the glory for allowing him to touch my life during his sojourn.

Devrick Ivey
Kingston, Jamaica