His perceptions have been helpful...

I remember at LLU in a class with Dr. Maxwell, his saying, that some atheists are closer to God than those that profess their beliefs.  I always have remembered that.  I have shared that with others, including my son in law who has become agnostic.  Also, his saying that those that leave behind what they were taught, and search for themselves, often then have a stronger faith, once they find their beliefs, then those that just accept what they were told.  These have been helpful to me, and some of my doubts, through the years, as I have often found much sincerity, and kindness, among the "non religious" sometimes more so than the "religious".  So his perceptions have been helpful, to look to GOd, rather than people.  I still have trouble though understanding the seeming angry God in the old testament, compared to Jesus.  He certainly (Dr. Maxwell) seemed to be close to God and peaceful in his life.

DeAne Mueller Urban