He knew how to draw people...

My husband and I were students at PUC in the early ‘50s and first knew Graham there.  Frequently in surveys of students and alumni he was ranked as a (the?) favorite teacher there.  He knew how to draw people to a loving and caring God.  I think that his Life and Teachings of Jesus class was my favorite during my four years at PUC, and I attended his Sabbath-school class regularly.  It is hard to say precisely how those both molded my life—I was a committed Christian before, but they certainly helped solidify that commitment; and he led a life of graciousness, kindness, pleasantness, yet conviction and commitment, that served as a model for all of us.

I think I may have babysat for the Maxwells once.  I more clearly recall the time that I needed an ed psych class project of teaching some child something, so I arranged to teach Lorna Maxwell (maybe 10 then) how to knit, and she would come to my dorm room once a week for that.

Through the years since, though my husband and I worked mainly in the Far East and then in Michigan, we kept in touch and remained friends.  It was not long ago that, on a visit to Loma Linda, we were happy to see him still teaching his Sabbath-school class.


Madeline Steele Johnston