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We are very sorry to hear that Dr. Maxwell has died – he has been a trustworthy friend and guide into a knowledge of God, our dearest Friend.

Graham’s council to look for God in every verse of the Bible, putting each verse in the context of the whole, and in the context of the Great Controversy over the government and character of God, has made a huge difference in our relationship with our Creator and Redeemer.

We will continue to Question the Answers as we continue to seek an ever increasing understanding of the Truth about our Dearest Friend. We are very thankful for the life and spiritual insight of Dr. Maxwell, such a friend of God.

Roger and Lou Blanchfield

Marguerite Jansen and Megan Dew
Iris Mamier, Judy Peters
Beverly Krick, Helga Folkes, Linda Wagner
Molly, Alyssa Weiss, Smyrna Tuburan
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