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So sorry to hear!  Graham, or his picture of God, changed my life and that of my husband.  Duane had always been pushing the edges, not satisfied with the “line” and not thinking it made sense.  Graham, in his forever kind, gentle way, assured us it is all right to question and come to different conclusions without loosing our Christianity.  Since we have both taught in Adventist schools for years, we’ve passed that idea along to lots of students.  I did it today with my 1st and 2nd graders.  What a gift to be able to love God and ask questions, Not to have to accept everything just because someone says so.

His gracious, kind, caring spirit will be enjoyed for a long time, thanks to the CDs and other materials that you all have put together.  I’m enjoying a set of “God in the 66” and am blessed by it.

We look forward to heaven when we will sit with Jesus and hear the full measure of Love which Graham’s spirit has showed us a glimpse of,.

Blessings and prayers to all of you.

Duane and Sue Shabo

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Graham leads a book by book study through the entire Bible, asking of every story, teaching, and event, "What does this reveal to us about God?"