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Pine Knoll update, Happy Summer, Pine Knoll Family! Print
Written by Alan Fahrner

June  2021

Pine Knoll Family,

Sending summer greetings, with all the joys, activities and beauty that come with the season.  Thinking of you, may your days be safe, and your adventures be mostly happy ones.

Pine Knoll Sabbath School for 3rd quarter, 2021, Rest in Christ, is available on pineknoll.org


God has taken care of the ministry even in this emergency time, and we have been blessed to be able to continue with the Sabbath School recordings via Zoom.  A big silver lining has been the ability for others to “be present” and interact in the meetings, unhampered by great distances.

The gift book distribution continues.  The first printing of 11,000 Conversations About God books that arrived in September ran out in April.  The second printing, 7,700 more books, arrived the last day of May.  At the end of June another truckload of Servants or Friends? Another Look at God books is due to arrive.  Requests continue to come for all four of the books, from all around the world.  Conversations About God; Servants or Friends? Can God Be Trusted? & Be Careful Who You Trust).   And inspiring stories and thanks continue to come in from all over the world.

The E PUB electronic format of Conversations About God for the website is nearing completion.  Spanish and Portuguese translations are in progress, and the first two chapters in Portuguese are on the website.

Life has changed for all of us during this unusual emergency time, but God has not failed. Perhaps in the darkness and uncertainties the light of His presence and guidance shines even brighter.  And the precious reality of community, a safe worldwide family of those who trust and follow this amazing God, becomes even more dear.
Thank you, and God be with you through the days and months ahead,

Your Pine Knoll team

This morning, we are preparing book shipments to answer requests from Hong Kong, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Zambia, England, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Canada, and states across the U.S. Perhaps you would enjoy a small sample of hugs from your Family around the world:

From Davor:  I just wanted to extend my appreciation to Pine Knoll for sharing your Sabbath School classes.  I appreciate the thoughts and class discussion.  These classes are expanding my understanding and broadening my thinking.  Thank you! 

From Kenya:  I trust that this email finds you well. This is to confirm that I am in receipt of the parcel. I was so happy when I picked it today. I didn’t open the box till now that I have arrived home.  I didn’t want to open it alone since I know it is a very special gift. I waited when everyone was home so that we could open it together as a family having come from a special family –  Your Pine Knoll Family. I will forever be grateful. I will share the books with my pastor and read one copy of each then pass it across my circles. I will follow up that they read them.  
Once again thank you and God bless you.   Kind Regards, Jared
Oh, wow, am I "growing up" with Graham Maxwell's book "Conversations with God" ! ! ! It answers all the questions I had as a kid growing up until now in my recent retirement years. I am so grateful for the book ! I've begun the 66 books audio with Graham then will start the other more recent series, while listening to the SS lessons. I'm so happy to hear "meat" / "solid food" that fills up the empty places & replaces old stale unreasonable nonsense.   I want to share two "Conversations with God" with friends who are also having the same exact troubles/fears/worries that the book explains so well. Have two to send?

From Namibia:
Thank you so much, I received the gift that you sent me, I really felt important and loved in my life for the first time, may God bless you more, I have nothing to return to you but my best wishes for you.

From Queensland, Australia::
Good evening, Just letting you know that the post van pulled up this afternoon with a wonderful box from you at Pine Knoll. WHAT A BLESSING! My sincerest thank you for the enclosed books which will be shared with some other folk wanting to know a God they can trust and who loves them supremely. For your encouragement, I conduct a midweek online Bible Study, (it moved from a home group to online 14 months ago because of Covid), and Conversations with God has been a great source of reference ever since they arrived. One of the books has made its way to New Zealand to a great friend who also shares the Word in a midweek study as well as regular SS teaching. Understanding "the wrath of God" in Jesus’ death was a highlight of our sharing time last week as we are currently making our way through the Book of Romans.
Abundant blessings to all the team at Pine Knoll for this amazing weekly and publication ministry.
From Zimbabwe:  Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Christ ..I dont how to say this my dear family. You have blessed us in a miraculous way .as i received the gifts with love .I could not hold my tears .as I understood that God has his loving children all over the world. .I’m honoured to be part Of Gods family ..these books are going to help me in my ministry of preaching and teaching .May the good Lord keep you healthy and blessed .you have not blessed me only but thousands are going to be blessed through these gifts. Philippians 1 vs 3....to 6 . Lots of Love , Patrick
I received your gift with love today in Hongkong.
These books are so inspiring and it will help me a lot for my daily life, I’m going to share some to my daughter and son. Thank you so much and continue to share your blessings to others, and God bless your ministry. Keep safe and God bless us all.  
We have a good size group of people here in Salt Lake City who listen every week including my son who teaches Sabbath School here. We are blessed by the insights of Jon and Daniel. Thanks to all of you.
Yours in Christ, Judy

From Zimbabwe:
Greetings to you and your loved ones, I pray that everything is well with you. I do hereby acknowledge receipts of books in Victoria Falls. May God bless you so much, these books have come at the right time and they are very important assets to help people grow in the Kingdom of God. We will make use of these books as we are running a Ministry of teaching people the good news of God. I assure you that these books will really touch lives of many. May God bless you.  Isaac
From Australia:  please pass on to the Team how much we appreciate the continuing broadcast of the SS lessons during this Covid period. They are such an inspiration, with Jon and Daniel leading out. Thank you for this amazing ministry, Abundant blessings to all the team.
From Jerry, in South Africa: It's Sabbath here and I am just going to listen to this week's SS from Pine Knoll. Thank you very much for the books. I have been using much of the material from Conversations in sermons and our midweek online Bible study group.
We don’t know why your company is sending these books totally free of charge, but they are a wonderful blessing and gift!!  I’ve already dived into them and am enjoying every minute of it!  We do have so many questions about God and the Bible, and it’s great to learn more from Graham Maxwell and Louis Venden
From Pastor Donna
I just had to share this story about our amazing God and your book. This morning I went to the Homeless Coalition to try to start up a single Mom’s group. Only two of the six who had signed up, were present. One of them looked so familiar!  As she told her story, she mentioned going to the park.  We give Can God be Trusted? books away at the park, and we have church there during the pandemic. Then I remembered her.  She sat across from me.  I could see she knew the words to one of the songs, and she was singing with us.  I also saw that she was crying.  I brought her a song book so she could join in.  As she continued to cry, I put my arm around her and held her for a few minutes.  For attending, I gave her the little book, Can God be Trusted? And then she left.
Now the rest of the story.  She was really struggling that day.  She was trying to realign her life with God, but she asked Him if He could be trusted?  She was struggling with her kid’s father who is a drug addict and alcoholic.  She is a recovering alcoholic, sober for 9 years.  He had her kids that day.  She was asking God that question as I handed her your book, Can God be Trusted?   And that changed her life. As she recounted the story again with tears about the goodness of God, I recognized we were at the park that day not by accident but by design.

Alan has created two new email addresses for contact here at pineknoll.org. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions or requests. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will both work.

What We Believe Print
Written by Graham Maxwell

Graham MaxwellWhat We Believe -- A message from Graham Maxwell

I believe that the most important of all Christian beliefs is the one that brings joy and assurance to God's friends everywhere -- the truth about our Heavenly Father that was confirmed at such cost by the life and death of His Son.

God is not the kind of person His enemies have made Him out to be -- arbitrary, unforgiving and severe. Jesus said, "If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father." God is just as loving and trustworthy as His Son, just as willing to forgive and heal. Though infinite in majesty and power, our Creator is an equally gracious Person who values nothing higher than the freedom, dignity, and individuality of His intelligent creatures -- that their love, their faith, their willingness to listen and obey may be freely given. He even prefers to regard us not as servants but as friends.

This is the truth revealed through all the books of Scripture. This is the everlasting Good News that wins the trust and admiration of God's loyal children throughout the universe.

Like Abraham and Moses -- the ones God spoke of as His trusted friends -- God's friends today want to speak well and truly of our Heavenly Father. We covet as the highest of all commendations the words of God about Job: "He has said of Me what is right."

How God Won His Case (Perceptions of a "Juror") Print
Written by Graham Maxwell

God may you "win your case when you go into court!"

Goodspeed's dramatic translation of Romans 3:4 matches Paul's use of David's prayer in Psalm 51:4. The apostle has raised the question, does the lack of faith among God's privileged people mean that God Himself cannot be trusted? "By no means! God must prove true, though every man be false; as the Scripture says, ‘That you may be shown to be right in what you say, and win your case when you go into court.'"

If God had not been accused, there would have been no need for Him to defend Himself. And just as the charges had been heard throughout the universe, so the answers must be publicly made known. When Daniel described a convening of the heavenly court, he emphasized the open presentation of the evidence. A hundred million watched as "the court sat in judgement, and the books were opened" (Daniel 7:10, RSV).

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