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Pillars of Our Faith
Seventh-day Adventist Adult Sabbath School Lesson
Third Quarter, 2001

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Behold, He Comes!
Lesson #13 for 29 September, 2001
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The Days of the End
Lesson #12 for 22 September, 2001
The Remnant
Lesson #11 for 15 September, 2001
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The Hour of God's Judgment
Lesson #10 for 08 September, 2001
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The Heavenly Sanctuary
Lesson #9 for 01 September, 2001
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Light and Shadows: The Earthly Sanctuary
Lesson #8 for 25 August, 2001
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God's Gift of Immortality
Lesson #7 for 18 August, 2001
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Crisis of Loyalty
Lesson #6 for 11 August, 2001
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The First Angel's Message
Lesson #5 for 04 August, 2001
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Keeping the Sabbath Holy
Lesson #4 for 28 July, 2001
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The Sabbath—The Sign of Our Relationship
Lesson #3 for 21 July, 2001
The Sabbath
Lesson #2 for 14 July, 2001
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The Lord Our Righteousness
Lesson #1 for 07 July, 2001
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Siphiwe Ngubane
Jim and Ginger, Ron
Lucas, Anton
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