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Graham has been with me every day of my life since I have known  him..I grew up in a sad family of five children who were caught up on the tragic dynamics of alcoholism and I am the only one who isn’t dead  or an alcoholic . I think he noticed I was a bit at loose ends . Graham (in his delightful, amusing way) always had kind, encouraging words for me(in his beautiful voice) and helped me with confidence and a feeling that I was capable and could do anything I wanted to do . I sometimes felt at a loss when raising my kids and I asked him the ‘secret’ . He said “…just listen,…….. put your hands in your lap and  be still until they are finished talking”  He told me my husband looked like he was a happy man which made me feel so proud. I think love is healing and  Graham had so much love to give out and  I was a recipient. My husband and  I are very happy and blessed and are the  proud parents of two happy, successful kids who believe in God. I am a firm Christain now. When I met Graham and Cherie I was confused about my faith and they both had a profound influence on me. I hope I am passing along God’s love that they poured on to me.

Love Always ,

Susan Kelley Harkey

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