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I, with my two sons, had the privilege of meeting Dr. Maxwell in 1996 at Cherie Kirk’s home.

Listening to the lectures, I have carried in my mind since that time Dr. Maxwell’s oft’ repeated advisory, “read on…” as well as his honest addendum to that phrase, “it get’s worse!”  No soft-soaping there, or trying to paint a rosy path where there is none;  also, I can still hear him say,  “take it home and work on it”.

This has always been challenging, as well as refreshing, as I grew up in different religious circles wherein the basic protocol was a force-fed, no questions asked, sign here on the dotted line sort of salvation – including the concept of burning somewhere forever -

I’d rather keep reading the Bible and thinking and praying as best I know how in the direction of Dr. Maxwell’s suggestions, along with the writings of Ellen White… it’s still the only interpretation that fits, that makes any sense, that seems to allay the insanity of eternal hell, or the’ empty the mind/no one home in the universe direction’ which I’ve also looked at.

Margo, South Korea

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