He caused a paradigm shift in my spiritual life...

I'm sitting here Sabbath afternoon, with tears in my eyes--thinking of what a tremendous impact Graham had on me--my husband, kids, brother, parents--all because Fred and I went to his Sabbath school classes while at LLUSM in 1975-78.  He caused a paradigm shift in my spiritual life with his clear reasoning and vast knowledge of scripture and EGW and his gentle patient approach of asking questions!!  I'm not convinced we would have stayed with the church the way we understood it because it wasn't making good sense.  But Graham valued the good sense and showed us that God does too, that it's there in scripture, despite human flaws!!  That we have the freedom to question and search.  What a blessing he was!!  I know he suffered disapproval from many in the hierarchy--but no one could ever accuse him of being anything other than a godly man.  I look forward to sitting down with him and thanking him for teaching me who God is--I never had the courage to tell him that (was afraid I'd shed tears-as I'm doing now.)  We hope to see you at Pine Knoll SS in the next couple months-if we are lucky enough to be there when you are meeting.

All our deepest sympathy, mixed with our own deep sorrow,

Polly Dengel