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I was raised as a 3rd generation Seventh-day Adventist. My Dad was a SDA minister - all of my education was within the SDA organization.

I started my search for a God I could like, at an early age and in earnest in my mid 30's.

I had a dear Aunt and Uncle that attended Dr. Maxwells Sabbath School class in Loma Linda for years.  They shared with me lots of things they were learning and also sent me some tapes.

My search for a God that made sense took many twists and turns, but Dr. Maxwell remained a constant source of information.  Dr. Maxwell was the most God like human I've ever met or known. Just being in his presence made me feel like I was in the presence of God. His picture of God is the only one that made any sense to me.  Dr. Maxwell taught me to think on my own and to ask questions.  Over time I had enough information to come to  Love and Trust and Hope in a Wonderful God.

Dr. Maxwell's death will be a hugh loss to this world, but his life's influence and his picture of God will live on forever.

Thank you Dr. Maxwell and Thank You God.

SJS Arnold

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