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"Fair winds and following seas."

A Friend of God has passed on. We are all poorer for that. But what a privileged to have been able to hear and receive his message. And what an honor to pick up where he left off and move forward.

I'm sure that I speak for many when I say that Dr Graham Maxwell is responsible for my still being in the church and more importantly, for my falling in love with God. My wife and I were given a set of his book-by-book tapes as a wedding present. It took me a couple of years before I got around to listening to them. But the moment I did I was hooked. Here was a man who was not only asking all the right questions, but wasn't afraid to leave the answering of those questions to the listener rather than pronouncing the solution. As marvelous as Dr Maxwell's own synthesis was, it was his methodology that most appealed to me. Look at ALL the evidence, not just the parts that support your view.

And "Read on, it may get worse" has become my mantra as I have gone through the bible numerous times with friends. And of course, the bottom line question in all of this I got from Dr Maxwell - "What does it say about God?"

I only got to interact with Dr Maxwell personally on a handful of occasions.

But what impressed me was that he was a gracious in person as he was on tape. If I had to identify the one person I had met in my life who illustrated what it meant to be a Saint, I would have to pick Graham.

He truly became like the God he worshiped and admired.

And if there were one thing I would wish I could attach to the name of Dr Graham Maxwell now that he is gone, it would be this:

"Dr Maxwell, You have said of Him what is right."

Mark Merizan

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