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Typed from a personal note card:

With Sympathy on the Loss of Graham Maxwell who inspired all to know and trust our God on the weight of evidence given in scripture.

My heart is very sad as I write.  I feel like I’ve lost a mentor and friend.

Just listening to SS classes was instruction in how to respect people even when they disagreed, a method as well as a message.  He would ask questions, then get us started thinking, tell a related story, ask a similar question, talk a little more and play with that question or idea and never actually tell us an answer.  Some would get very upset when he didn’t answer a question “One, Two, Three!”  He was more likely to ask you one in reply.   I loved it because it made me think things through, go back to the Bible, Ellen White, and look it up again.

I can’t begin to tell you what his ministry, classes, and influence has meant to me.  Little things like,  being careful with a friend’s reputation. . . so important.

When I was JDA president I invited him to talk to our group.  “How to Talk to your child about God”.  He kindly did.  Unfortunately, being rather nervous, I’d forgotten to have the special music first.  So when he said, “Are there any questions?” I said, “We’ll have our special music, then questions”.  Of course, by the time the lady had sung her song, there were no questions.  I felt I’d ruined the whole thing.  Very embarrassing.

As I’ve listened over the years, though, I realize how he would never embarrass me by bringing it up.  His genuine kindness and caring for people and assuming the best possible in spite of what some said about him and speaking so well of those who differed in opinions on very important matters, is a goal for me to reach.

Thank you Pine Knoll family for keeping his lessons and work going on to all the world.

With my love and best wishes as you carry on!

Betty Woods and Bill Woods

Daniel Duda, Bethany Burr, Lucas Mamier
Pamella Paulien
Elissa and Erica
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