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A favourite definition of mine from Graham’s guidance has got to be his description of what the gospel really is and who it’s about i.e. the truth about our heavenly father. Most impressive of all Graham's characteristics is his how consistently winsome he is, and to me demonstrates the endearing character of Christ recreated within oneself.  The single most impressive characteristic of Graham’s to me was his persistence for making the truth make sense. He demonstrated this in a particularly memorable recording of mine when after in the process of delivering a study a minister present made a comment and Graham got the bit between his teeth and went after the statement, pressing the conversation deeper with every question until the minister conceded and said ‘you got me there’. Never have I heard anyone so persistent and yet so inoffensive at the same time – totally winsome.

Listening to Graham is remarkably relevant to my family as we live off Sheepcote Lane where he grew up so much of his descriptions of his home and school are very identifiable.

Approx nine years into Adventism I started listening to tapes that had been given to me. The tapes managed to survive several garage and loft clearances, eventually finding their way into my car one by one – I now believe it was more than curiosity that lead me to start listening to them.

How grateful I am to Graham I can never sufficiently express but to say ‘being an Adventist is now a real heartfelt joy’.


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Graham leads a book by book study through the entire Bible, asking of every story, teaching, and event, "What does this reveal to us about God?"