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I only saw him that once when he came to take a Week of Prayer at Stanborough and afterwards we went to the John Loughborough School in Tottenham where I was teaching at the time and I showed him, yourself and Gary over it.

You were all so blessed to have him for so many years.

Graham had a very attractive quality.  He concentrated and listened to whoever was talking to him as though what was being said was the most amazing and wonderful thing he had ever heard.  And it wasn't a pose, I'm sure he was always open to new information and enjoyed the company of people.  And of course they were all drawn to him and enjoyed his.

He once mentioned in one of his Sabbath School presentations a dish made up in the UK of bits and pieces called 'bubble and squeak'.  A few people wrote explaining its origins, that it was fried lefovers of cabbage and potato.  That the bubble and squeak was the noise made during frying. I knew that, but I suggested that it may also have something to do with the noises people made after eating it.  Graham read these suggestions out in the class and there was a lot of mirth.  I have kept my copy of that recording. I listened to it only a few weeks ago and I laughed all over again.

There is gap in the lives of many people that can never be filled, but with the sadness at his passing there is the confidence that if we are faithful, we will see Gaham's happy smiling face again.  There will be then so much to satisfy his enquiring mind.

Graham may have spent the larger part of his life in the States  and may even have thought of himself as an American, with an American passport - who can blame him? but to his many friends in te UK he was always the Englishman who was taken by his father to America.

He will be sadly missed.

Love to all at pineknoll.

Frank Blewitt

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