Graham cannot be any less in His hands...

Greetings and confidence in the Lord. When Moses passed away, there was no need to worry about his state or estate because he was fully in God's hands. Graham cannot be any less in His hands, the God he loved so much and promoted 'perfectheartedly'.

FOR 25 YEARS AND AS A FULL-TIME PASTOR--from 1982 when I first heard his God in All 66 messages up to 2007 when after two years of secondary school chaplaincy I had to seek to employ great diversity in content and illustrations to keep young minds spellbound--ALL MY SERMONS AND CAMP MEETING PRESENTATIONS CENTERED AROUND THE PICTURE OF GOD WHICH I LEARNT FROM GRAHAM, and from his tapes which I listened to hundreds of time over. Over the 30 years since I first heard his messages AND FOR ALL MY LIFETIME, my lifelong character has DEFINITELY been changed for the better and ennobled due to the godly sentiments I was constantly imbibing from Graham's messages. It will be my distinct pleasure to meet him in the hereafter and celebrate with him the joy he imparted into my life by leading me to love God more.

Pr. Tom Kyoma.