God spoke to him...

Cherie---Can't begin to tell the "Friends Of God" family what finding Graham's view of God ("Can God Be Trusted)"has done for me.

It changed my life forever knowing God wants Friendship most of all. Now I could also be a Friend and allow the Holy Spirit to guide me.

All the Sabbath school lesson's that I was privileged to teach at Northridge, La Cresenta and Thousand Oaks churches had Graham's stamp on them.

It was me talking, but thru his faith Graham was the author of my words. I believe I was there because of my view of God nurtured by Graham.

Much of the discernment the Holy Spirit has shown me has been reveled by Graham's input (Books) and direction (Sabbath School Lessons).

God spoke to him and then he shared it with me and the world. I have a library of Bibles and even Foxes Book Of Martyr's thanks to Graham.

Two passages come to mind (out of so many)...John 14:9 and Romans 3:25-26. My hope is that many more will come to learn the truth as I did.

My sadness is tempered with the perfect knowledge that Graham is resting and at peace. There are still battles to be waged and the war to be won.

Graham Maxwell won't be there in person, but he has trained many for the fight. And he did it with a God-Given graciousness mixed with humility.

For the many who are still here will carry-on. We will bring this "Good News" message of 'Friendship" to any who want to be more than servants.

And finally, some day in the future, Graham will awake from his sleep to hear the Father say "Well Done My Good And Faithful Friend"

All The Best,

Neal Bauman