Most impressive was his ability...

I believe our first major exposure to him was at his evangelistic effort with Lou Venden. Most impressive was his ability to answer any questions thrown at him in the question period in the Youth's Chapel after each church lecture. And always with courtesy and good humor. Only once did I hear him stumped. After a couple of tries he said " you have got to be kidding" and chuckled.

And only once did I see him have to get firm with a pushy student, telling him to wait, he would spend a whole lecture on the subject in question, the Moral Influence Theory. He was very firm that time.

The scariest realization that he brought home was that there is no one between us and God, we stand totally exposed. The most comforting concept was that we have no need to be afraid, He wants us to be His friend.

We attended many of his SS classes at APC time but were delighted to have him teach our Religion class at our MPH first off-campus public health class in '77, I believe.

The Pineknoll bond was immediate since Cherie is the oldest daughter of our classmates Jess and Martha Hutson. Part of the family, you might say.

Perhaps my best tribute might be is that he is the first theologian I met who made sense of the Plan of Salvation. And it still holds true. He was God's best apologist. His treatment of his detractors gave validity to his concepts. He will be sorely missed.

Our condolences to his family and to Pineknoll, his other family.

Wilf and Anne Tetz