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When I was a teenager, my Dad brought home some ideas about God that were revolutionary.  I had no idea who he had interacted with when he went to teacher's meetings in Southern California in the late 60's.  Then in 1996, our Sabbath School teacher invited us to his home to listen to a tape.  While listening to Dr. Maxwell share about "The End of Sin and Sinners", I knew who my Dad had listened to and interacted with so many years before.  I became aware of the foundation of Truth that God had orchestrated for me. While that seems significant and special (and it was....), I fell in love with God in a bigger and deeper way through that series of discussions on how God treats sinners!  I know that I had experienced a re-Birth!

After my dad passed away in 1989, I found this quote on the flyleaf of his Bible, "The Bible is not a code book about deeds to be done or sins to be shunned --- but a revelation of the truth about God."  Maxwell

I praise God for His gift of Love through the mind and heart of Graham Maxwell!  Maranatha! Lord Jesus!

Sad, yet full of Hope!

Rachel Kinne

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