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I often ask myself... Print

I often ask myself, "is it winsome?"  when deciding how to respond to a difficult situation.

Nancy Barcelow


I appreciated so much the picture of God... Print

I appreciated so much the picture of God that Graham presented!

Raymond Ramirez, California

I always knew God was kind and loving... Print

I was sad to hear of the loss of such an amazing human being who has had such a huge impact on my walk with the Lord! I first heard of Graham Maxwell when I was in high school (25 years ago) and read 'Can God Be Trusted' and 'I Want To Be Free' at that time. I always knew God was kind and loving because my earthly father was a good representation of Him, but I was making some poor choices as a teenager and was desperately searching for true meaning in life, not just the "religion" I was raised with. Graham taught me so much about the character of God and helped bring me into an intimate relationship with Him. When I finally made it to Loma Linda University as a student, I had the privilege of sitting in his Sabbath school class every week. What a joy it was to be sitting at the feet of this humble friend of God and experience his love for our Father! I got to see first hand what a close walk with God looked like and longed to have the same.

God spoke to him... Print

Cherie---Can't begin to tell the "Friends Of God" family what finding Graham's view of God ("Can God Be Trusted)"has done for me.

It changed my life forever knowing God wants Friendship most of all. Now I could also be a Friend and allow the Holy Spirit to guide me.

All the Sabbath school lesson's that I was privileged to teach at Northridge, La Cresenta and Thousand Oaks churches had Graham's stamp on them.

As Eileen and I look back... Print

We started listening to Graham in 1975 and have never stopped.  As Eileen and I look back at our faith journey we don't know where we would be if it hadn't been for Graham's wonderful picture of God.  We have been richly blessed  these 35 as we have studied with him.  He was one of a kind.  Could we be so bold to call him an Icon?  I would like to think so.

God bless,

Ray and Eileen West
Sarasota, Fl

His essence was stamped on my mind... Print

Hi Cherie, Gary and the whole Family

It hurts. Even me, although emotionally I wasn't very close to Graham.

There were times, when I couldn't, wouldn't hear his voice.

Neverthless, he was with me, every time I talked to God. His essence is stamped on my mind and on my heart and I feel it every time I turn to God.

So I imagine, fantasise, me, watching, observing, Graham with God sitting on a bench in the Kingdom, discussing, chatting, joking and especially, laughing - true friends, since a very long time!!

And I can't wait to see it!

Take care and Thank you!

Marianne Brussee

He's been a role model of mine for 35 years... Print

Dear Elder Graham Maxwell!   He's been a role model of mine for 35  years.  I first attended his Sabbath school class in Loma Linda beginning in 1974, when I would travel out there on the weekends to visit my mother.  Going to Elder Maxwell's Sabbath school class every Sabbath was the highlight of our weekend.   Later, starting in the 1980s, I taught a regular class in my own Sabbath school, and I used Graham's tapes as my study guides -- since they were always recorded six weeks ahead of time.

Graham had a very attractive quality... Print

I only saw him that once when he came to take a Week of Prayer at Stanborough and afterwards we went to the John Loughborough School in Tottenham where I was teaching at the time and I showed him, yourself and Gary over it.

You were all so blessed to have him for so many years.

He has had an enormous influence... Print

I did not know Graham well personally though my father, Oscar, and his father, Arthur, became very good friends at the ancestor of Newbold College in the years just before WW1, a friendship that lasted all their lives. However, Graham's ministry to missionaries over the years was a blessing to me in West Africa in the 1960s and late 1970s and in Palau in the 1990s. He has had an enormous influence on my thinking about God and I hope and pray that in some small way I have been able to share that blessing with others. My condolences go to the family, especially Malcolm, who I did know from his time in the Pacific Northwest. We can look forward confidently to the Resurrection.

John Dorland

Men like this are too few in our church... Print

I was very saddened to hear of Dr. Maxwell’s passing.  Men like this are too few in our church.  I had been in the church for more than 20 years when I was given the set of tapes “God in All 66”.  I listened to those over and over.  After listening to just that set of tapes I realized that I had learned more about God in two months than I had in my 20 years being in the church.  And better yet, had gotten to know God as a friend.

The best part of Dr. Maxwell’s teaching is that he always would raise questions and leave you free to come to your own conclusions.  What I believe about God is not because it was Graham Maxwell’s ideas.  I have examined the evidence, they are my beliefs.

I have been and will always be thankful to God for the picture that I have of Him from listening to Dr. Graham Maxwell.

Rob Valente

He has been a trustworthy friend and guide... Print

We are very sorry to hear that Dr. Maxwell has died – he has been a trustworthy friend and guide into a knowledge of God, our dearest Friend.

Graham’s council to look for God in every verse of the Bible, putting each verse in the context of the whole, and in the context of the Great Controversy over the government and character of God, has made a huge difference in our relationship with our Creator and Redeemer.

We will continue to Question the Answers as we continue to seek an ever increasing understanding of the Truth about our Dearest Friend. We are very thankful for the life and spiritual insight of Dr. Maxwell, such a friend of God.

Roger and Lou Blanchfield

Graham cannot be any less in His hands... Print

Greetings and confidence in the Lord. When Moses passed away, there was no need to worry about his state or estate because he was fully in God's hands. Graham cannot be any less in His hands, the God he loved so much and promoted 'perfectheartedly'.

FOR 25 YEARS AND AS A FULL-TIME PASTOR--from 1982 when I first heard his God in All 66 messages up to 2007 when after two years of secondary school chaplaincy I had to seek to employ great diversity in content and illustrations to keep young minds spellbound--ALL MY SERMONS AND CAMP MEETING PRESENTATIONS CENTERED AROUND THE PICTURE OF GOD WHICH I LEARNT FROM GRAHAM, and from his tapes which I listened to hundreds of time over. Over the 30 years since I first heard his messages AND FOR ALL MY LIFETIME, my lifelong character has DEFINITELY been changed for the better and ennobled due to the godly sentiments I was constantly imbibing from Graham's messages. It will be my distinct pleasure to meet him in the hereafter and celebrate with him the joy he imparted into my life by leading me to love God more.

Pr. Tom Kyoma.

Most impressive was his ability... Print

I believe our first major exposure to him was at his evangelistic effort with Lou Venden. Most impressive was his ability to answer any questions thrown at him in the question period in the Youth's Chapel after each church lecture. And always with courtesy and good humor. Only once did I hear him stumped. After a couple of tries he said " you have got to be kidding" and chuckled.

Jan Katrib, Terrie Thompson
Fred Munson
Vannary San, Elissa Kido
Molly, Alex, Allie
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